Travelling, Accommodation


Szeged Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
6720 Szeged, Somogyi u. 7.

Map with accommodations and venue



Speakers will be accommodated in single rooms. We’ll inform each of you in advance about your accommodation, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

For non-lecturing guests here is a link with information about accommodations in Szeged.



Transfers for the speakers of the conference from and to Budapest Airport will be organized.

(Transfers are departing from Terminal 2, since Terminal 1 will be closed down, see information below.)

Budapest Airport – Szeged by Train

There is a direct rail link from Liszt Ferenc Airport 1 to Szeged Railway Station. Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 may take the bus to get to Terminal 1. The train ticket can be bought at the Tourinform office at Terminal 1 from 09.00 to 22.00 or at platform B at the railway station from the ticket vending machine. If you are unable to obtain a ticket before getting on the train you might also try to buy one from the conductor onboard, however most probably he will also charge you extra penalty for not buying the ticket in advance.

The two platforms of the railway station are connected to the Airport Terminal with a pedestrian footbridge equipped with lifts above the clearway. A short pedestrian path of just 200 meters takes the passengers from the terminal to the railway station.

Ticket prices may range from 3100-4900 HUF (10-16 EUR). To see the train schedule please visit this link.

Trains run every hour from 6:10 until 21:10. The duration of the journey is approximately 2 and a half hours.